This is our original 5 tray product. The Re_ allows you to create a continuous supply of sustainable, affordable and delicious protein!


Re_ enables you to produce between 100-300 grams of mealworms per harvest. Mealworms are over 54% protein, plus they are packed with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  


Re_ is made from recycled bio-plastics with our own 3D printing machines. Allowing us to design, manufacture and ship all of our products from the same facility, reducing our carbon footprint and product air mile.


You can feed your mealworms your fruit and vegetable waste, and you can use their frass (mealworm poop) as plant fertiliser – a truly sustainable solution! 


Re_’s small, modular and cable-free design allows it to be placed anywhere in the home.  So you can grow your own protein-rich food, no matter where you live. Any climate, anywhere.


Material: Recycled 3D printed bioplastic

Colour: White


If you are allergic to shellfish you could also be allergic to insects.

BeoBia is not responsible or liable for consumed insects.

We do not offer live mealworms with this product. This is not a problem though, we will provide information on available suppliers in your location! :)

Re_ ( with eBook)

129,99£ Standardpreis
  • This is a pre-order for your growing unit. 

  • Estimated shipping date: Late Novermber